Completed Projects

Dudley Foord House - "The Ponds"

Situated in Sydney's beautiful Hills district, this state of the art home is filled with natural sunlight.  The standout feature is the ground-breaking dementia design principles. Based on the hugely successful Hogeweyk concept it offers a familiar secure environment and is first of its kind in Sydney.

Crown Furniture where privileged to be part of this project.  Set out as if going for a stroll down the high street, all from the easy access of the lounge.  Furniture is fit for purpose from the Stanford, Summit, Edie lounges and Valori tubs, to the Rafael armchairs and stunning Solace tables in the Café, nothing has been forgotten.

Not to forget the outdoors, take a seat on a Biscay lounge under a shady pergola and enjoy the garden and surrounds, just like home.